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Embrace Transformational Freedom

The premier group coaching program dedicated to healing the abortion-wounded heart.

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I believe that with my support and guidance, grounded in biblical truths, and the companionship of other women on this healing journey with you, enveloped in empathy, love, compassion, and understanding, you have the strength and capability to find healing and freedom.

Discover the most comprehensive group coaching program for healing the abortion-wounded heart. The Thriving Beyond Abortion Trauma intensive is a groundbreaking community-based program dedicated to empowering women to embrace their purpose and achieve holistic well-being while healing from abortion trauma.

Before we dive into this transformative program,

let's discuss who it's tailored for.

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Are you a woman of color with ambitious dreams, but feel confined by the shadows of your past? Are you weary of hiding in isolation, yearning to break free from the chains of shame and guilt? Do you long for healing that allows you to fully embrace the person God created you to be?

If any of these situations resonate with you:

  • Feeling overwhelmed by shame and isolation due to abortion trauma.

  • Struggling with mental, emotional, and spiritual burdens, hesitant to seek help for fear of judgment.

  • Using therapy as a temporary solution, yet still carrying the weight of guilt and hiding your past.

  • Waiting for a breakthrough, feeling faith-weary, and unable to find support within your church community.


Then, you're in the right place. Our program is here to bring healing, hope, and transformation to your life.

You've found your sanctuary. With our gentle guidance and intensive work, you can break free from shame and loneliness. Discover a compassionate community of women who will support and champion you as you step into an abundant life filled with purpose, joy, and the freedom found in faith and community.

Envision a life where you have:

  • Liberated yourself from the burdens of guilt and regret, embracing forgiveness and freeing yourself from the shackles of unforgiveness.

  • Embraced a deep understanding of your divine purpose and are actively living it out, guided by clarity and conviction.

  • Found solace and support in a nurturing community that encourages your ongoing healing and celebrates your newfound freedom, replacing isolation with connection.

  • Engaged with a proven framework for understanding forgiveness narratives, leading to profound inner peace and a sense of wholeness, rather than emotional and spiritual shame.

  • Cultivated unwavering self-worth, empowering you to pursue a life of abundance and fulfillment, free from the constraints of low self-esteem.

  • Embraced your power to live fully and authentically, equipped with the tools to navigate challenges, shape your future, and heal what has been broken.

  • Equipped yourself with essential resources to unlock your passion and confidently pursue your God-given purpose, stepping into the light and embracing your destiny without hesitation.

Program Overview

Module 1


Your Heart

Embark on a journey to uncover and validate your heart amidst emotions like guilt, shame, fear, and regret. In a safe, judgment-free community, steeped in empathy and compassion, we'll prepare your heart – the wellspring of your being – for the transformative journey ahead.

Module 3


For Your Purpose

Empower yourself to reclaim your hope and step into a meaningful, purposeful life. Make deliberate decisions to no longer let past choices sabotage your present or future. Discover your unique, divine purpose and reignite the passion within your heart to position yourself for success.

Module 2


The Ugliness

Explore the "Two Facets of Forgiveness" in this module. Embrace the forgiveness bestowed upon you by God, and navigate the challenging journey of forgiving yourself. Address feelings of powerlessness and undeserved retribution as we unlock the healing power of forgiveness.

Module 4


To BE YOUnique

Release yourself from the shackles of external influences and societal norms. Your past choices do not define you. Embrace your unique purpose and experience total well-being as you fulfill the role that only you can perform. It's time to embrace your uniqueness and step into your destiny to...

BE YOUnique. 

Now is the moment to declare, 'enough is enough.' Today is the day to take charge and transform your life for the better. Reclaim your hope and embrace the fulfilling life you were created for.

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